In pictures: Melania, Trump and the “romantic dinner”


And it appeared Melania Trump (50 years old) with her husband Donald Trump The 74-year-old is in a “Mar-a-Lago” restaurant in Florida, where they have lived since their departure from Washington, DC, after Trump lost the election to incumbent President Joe Biden.

The two appeared in the restaurant, sitting side by side, while security measures were tightened in the place, and a velvet ribbon was placed around their table, to prevent anyone from approaching or disturbing them while they were eating.

Melanias absence from the spotlight has sparked speculation about the nature of her relationship with the former president, and whether they are still together, in addition to her daily life now.

A previous report by the American “CNN” network quoted a source as saying, “Melania Trump does not leave the club (compound) in which she lives in FloridaShe spends most of her day in the resort to kill time, “indicating that she goes there more than once per day, to take care of her skin and nails.

“She goes to the resort, then has lunch, then goes to the resort again, and returns to have dinner with her husband,” the source said.

Melania Trump had been completely out of the spotlight since last January, and it seemed clear that she did not want to remain in the spotlight after Trump lost the election, when they got off the plane that took them to Florida in January, and refused to stand in front of journalists and photographers or even wave to them.

The last appearance in the restaurant comes days after Melania Trump and her husband attended a charity party at their club in Florida, since their departure from the capital.


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