In response to the son of the popular singer .. Berlanti Amer: Saad Al-Soghair, my husband and


11:38 AM

Monday 05 April 2021

Books – Mustafa Hamzah:

The artist Berlenty Amer said that the denial of Mahmoud, son of the artist Saad Al-Saghir, her marriage to her father is normal, after publishing a video clip in which the popular singer confirms his marriage to her.

Berlanti, in a special statement to “Masrawy”, said: “It is normal for Ibn Saad to deny marriage, but Saad himself did not deny .. He is my husband and my lover .. We had a love story two years ago, and last February we got married.”

On her Facebook page, Berlenty published a video clip of Saad Al-Sagheer in which he sends a congratulatory message to her, and said: “Berlenty, every year and you are good, sweetheart of my heart … My wife Berlanti Amer, I say you every year and you are good. My love .. you are what happiness is upon me. You are the whole world for me .. my love or Adham.

Berlanti Amer participated in the representation in a number of works, including: “Herbana Minha” with the artist Yasmine Abdel Aziz, “The Case C” with the artist Houria Farghali, and “The Flood” with the artist Majed Al-Masry and the artist Fathi Abdel Wahab.

She participated with Saad in the series “Imbabas Sons”, which was shown last Ramadan, and presented the role of a girl named “Qeshta”, who lives in Imbabas house, whose role is embodied by Farida Seif Al-Nasr, and she is being attacked by her husband, Lotfi Labib.

Mahmoud Saad Al-Soghair had denied his father’s marriage to the actress Berlanti Amer, and accused her of looking for fame.


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