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Beirut – Thoraya Shaheen – Actress Fifi Abdo published a new photo through her personal account on the social networking site, to share photos and videos “Instagram”.

Fifi Abda appeared in a yellow summer look.
It is noteworthy that Fifi Abdo used to appear with dance connections from her home to fight boredom and routine as a result of home isolation due to the spread of the Corona virus, which has become a global pandemic.

Fifi Abdos most recent work was the program “Leave your mind from Fifi,” which was shown last Ramadan on NBC.

And Vivi Abdos most recent dramatic work is the series “Kingdom of Ghajar”, ​​which she starred with, with Houria Farghali, Azza Mujahid, Ahmed Karara, Mayar Al-Ghaiti, Hazem Samir, Sameh Al-Suraiti, Sana Shafaa, Sabri Abdel Moneim, Mohamed Hamzah, and other stars.

The series “Kingdom of the Gypsies” is produced by the Gold Company for Artistic Production and Distribution and the Syndicate of Filmmakers, in cooperation with Al-Masa Company, and from the script and dialogue of Muhammad Al-Ghaiti, directed by Abdulaziz Hashad.

Haitham Haroun

Haitham Haroun

Bachelor of Education and Master’s in Tourism Sciences from Luxor University, specializing in tourism sciences and TV and journalistic news editing.


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