In the documents – a dispute developed between Reham Hajjaj and the Amer family … and a report of transgression against Wafaa


A video spread on social media and YouTube, in which some people are talking about hiring the artist Wafa Amer for a thug to attack the artist Reham Hajjaj in her home.

The strange thing is that this did not happen at all because there is Wafa at the present time in Lebanon to photograph one of the artworks participating in it.

The Egyptian star immediately submitted a complaint to the Attorney General (electronic petitions) No. 65768, against the owner of the electronic channel that promoted the rumor, according to which the artist was wrongly accused of attacking the artist Reham Hajjaj.

Wafa called for research on that channel because it could cause strife, especially since there are problems that have arisen between Wafa’s sister, Ayten Amer and artist Reham Hajjaj because of their participation in an art work called “Everything We Separate” is now shown on a satellite channel.

It is noteworthy that the last period witnessed a crisis between artists Aiten Amer and Reham Hajjaj after the latter’s accusation that Ayten sought to reduce the role of the artist Ahmed Fahmy in exchange for increasing the area of ​​her role.


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