In the video, a “street fight” between Neymar and a Portuguese player


And the most famous judgment The red card In the face of the players a minute before the end of normal time, the Portuguese defender committed a foul with Brazilian star To whom he responded by paying, so that the referee would intervene after that and announce the yellow card to them, after they obtained two yellow cards during the match.

But the matter did not stop at this point, but continued inside the tunnel leading to the locker rooms, where Neymar pushed Diagalo again, to continue the verbal exchange between them, amid interference from the members of the two teams.

And nervousness appeared on Neymar’s performance during the match, especially after his team was late to the score in the 20th minute through Jonathan David, where he received a yellow card in the 48th minute, before entering into his quarrel with دیغالو He gets fired.

This is the 11th red card in the Brazilian player’s career, the fourth with the Parisian team, and the third for Neymar in the French League in his last 14 matches in the competition.

And with the loss of the French League title holder, on Saturday, he leaves the lead solo for the night with 66 points, compared to 63 points for the team of Argentine coach Mauricio Pochettino.

Lille’s team beat their host Paris Saint-Germain With a goal without a response in the meeting that brought them together within the framework of the 31st week of French league for football.

This loss is the eighth for the Parisian team this season, compared to its victory in 20 games and a draw in 3, while it was the 19th victory for the team. night Who tied in 9 matches and was defeated in 3.


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