In the video, Ajay talks about his fluctuation


The Nigerian professional in the ranks of Al-Ahly club, Junior Ajay, said that it is good for the public to disagree about the player, because the player will not be 100% good all the time.

Ajay responded to his fluctuations in his level during his guest stay on the “Derby” program produced by WE: “In football sometimes you are at a good level and others are not. A team is made and criticism is not for personal matters. ”

And the Nigerian player continued with Al-Ahly: “When I signed for Al-Ahly, everyone used to tell me that if you scored 100 goals, you must score against Zamalek, as the goal in Zamalek is of great value even if you did not score throughout the season and scored one goal in Zamalek,” indicating that he scored 4 goals during 8 matches he played against Zamalek.

Ajay concluded his remarks by noting that the match against Zamalek in the CAF Champions League final was difficult, adding: “I will be frank … Zamalek played a good game and they were dangerous in the attack, so I think it was one of the most difficult matches I played against Zamalek.”

Al-Ahly won the final of the African Champions League in its last version at the expense of its counterpart Zamalek with two goals to one during the match that brought them together at Cairo Stadium.


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