Instagram brings a new feature to protect users’ mental health


And Instagram allows users to determine the best experience for them, and they can see the list of likes on their own posts, and they can choose the number to hide from others.
Instagram said users would still be able to choose the “original experience”, that is, they can let their followers know how many likes their posts have, and they can still see how many likes other users’ posts have.
However, if someone who is following him chooses to hide the number of likes they have, it can be said that this is not part of the “original experience”.
If the feature is fully rolled out, Instagram users will be able to change their similar preferences for hiding at any time.
Instagram introduced the original feature to people in seven countries in the summer of 2019 – in Canada, Japan, Ireland, Italy, Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.
But the move was met with horror from users, who said it was one of their favorite features on the site.
As with many other social media sites, the amount of likes on a post tends to be an indicator of popularity or acceptance, not just of the post’s content, but of the person who posted it.
After the test was submitted, the experts also claimed that it had “nothing to do with mental health”. Showing likes would encourage companies to spend money promoting posts on the platform.
Conversely, influencers with millions of followers are making millions of dollars selling everything from cosmetics to protein drinks.
It’s about increasing ad revenue for the platform, and making it more attractive to small businesses and brands to pump dollars into the growing social giant.


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