Iran reveals the identity of the perpetrator of the Natanz attack after he fled the country


Accused of attacking Natanz

Photo released, FARS NEWS AGENCY

Comment on the image,

Image broadcast by the official media in Iran of the suspect Reza Karimi

State TV in Iran broadcast a picture of a man who said he was behind the recent attack on the Natanz nuclear facility last Sunday.

The official news agency quoted the Ministry of Intelligence and National Security as saying that the man was called “Reda Karimi,” and he was part of the working team at the nuclear facility, and left the country days before the attack.

Iranian television added that the authorities had begun “the necessary and legal steps to arrest and return him to the country.”

Nuclear terrorism

Iranian officials accused Israel of carrying out what they described as a “sabotage” operation targeting the power unit in Natanz, the main facility in the country’s uranium enrichment program, on Sunday April 11th.

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