Iranian nuclear program: Joe Biden wants to negotiate with Tehran even though he did not reduce or lift the sanctions against it – Sunday Times


Side of the meetings in Tehran

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Officials from the United States and Iran will meet in Vienna for talks, according to Chartres

British newspapers discussed “Washington and Tehran’s preparation for a new round of negotiations regarding Iran’s nuclear program,” and Muslim women’s fears of hostilities in Switzerland, in addition to the pressures facing the health sector in Britain due to long-term symptoms of the Corona virus.

The Sunday Times published a report by its Washington correspondent, David Chartres, titled “The United States and Iran Are Taking Steps Toward Resuming Nuclear Talks.”

Chartre says that the administration of US President, Joe Biden, has begun to take new steps in preparation for talks with Tehran indirectly with the aim of reviving the nuclear deal and limiting Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

He adds that officials from the United States and Iran will meet in Vienna for talks, nearly 3 years after former US President Donald Trump announced his country’s withdrawal from the agreement.

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