Ismail Yassin and Muhammad Ramadan … The chapters of “The Crisis Landscape” continue


And the scene that gathered Ramadan bore similarities Ismail YassinA mockery of the latter, as it showed him in the form of a person who takes things and does not want to pay for them, and many considered the scene an insult to the great artist.

Symbols of Egypt

The most recent reaction came from the Syndicate of Representative Professions, which confirmed in a statement that “prejudice to the artistic symbols of Egypt is unacceptable in form and in matter, because it is a distortion of the Egyptian leadership in the history of art, as it is a distortion of the Egyptian personality, whose artistic creativity has been an important aspect of its features and privacy since the dawn of history.” “.

The statement added that “the Syndicate of Theatrical Professions received a complaint from the family of the late artist Ismail Yassin, the legend of Egyptian comedy, about the damage caused by the improper presentation of his character in Episode 12 of the series Moussa.”

He continued, “In light of this, the Representative Professions Syndicate immediately formed a high-level committee to examine this complaint, and the committee submitted an urgent report so that the Council could take a decision on it.”

A formal apology

Samia Shaheen, the widow of the late artist, was quick to file a formal complaint to obtain Ismail Yassin’s literary right, and demanded Ramadan And the director of the work, Muhammad Salama, with an official apology.

In her complaint, she added, “It is not the first time that Ramadan criticizes the late Ismail Yassin, as he had previously attacked his films dealing with the army in a previous press interview, and said that they offended the Egyptian army,” as she put it.

“Moses” disowns

The family of the series “Musa” issued a statement denying the existence of any intention to mock Egyptian art symbols, especially Yassin, and emphasized that “the succession of scenes in future episodes will clarify the purpose of the controversial scene.”

The makers of the work expressed solidarity with the statement, stressing that they “respect everyone who presented and continues to present creativity that everyone respects.”

Report to the Attorney General

In a related context, lawyer Samir Sabry filed a complaint with the Egyptian Public Prosecutor against Ramadan, for “intentionally insulting the late artist Ismail Yassin”, demanding in his communication to issue an order for an urgent investigation with him.

Sabri said in a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, that the report is under examination at the technical office of the Attorney General.

He revealed that, “according to the draft submitted to the House of Representatives on the criminalization of insulting societal symbols, the penalty will be imprisonment for a period ranging between 3 and 5 years, and a fine of not less than 100,000 pounds and not more than 500,000 pounds.”

The Sabbath: “the art A message, and any act based on insulting others is not a message and is not considered art. “

Delete scene

Critic Mohamed Abdel-Rahman commented on the crisis, saying that the scene “is not successful at all, and some interpreted it as a result of his violence during his previous crisis about his statements about the artist Ismail Yassin, so he deliberately appeared inappropriately in the series.”

He added, in an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, that he “deeply admonishes the author of the work, Nasser Abdel-Rahman, and its director, Muhammad Salama, for allowing this to happen.”

Abdel-Rahman added that “despite the recent decline in the number of viewers of the series, there are praises for the story of the work and its directing. Mohamed Ramadan“.

The art critic demanded that this scene be deleted from all the following as well as electronic versions of the series, and indicated that “Muhammad Ramadan is in a state of lament over the number of problems he is facing, even though he is the one who caused them and not the public.”


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