Ismaili: Ihab Jalal granted us all the powers


Alaa Wahid, the official spokesman for the Ismaili Club, confirmed that the club’s management knew very well the abilities of Ihab Jalal, pointing out that the administration had granted him all the powers since he assumed responsibility.

Waheed said in statements to Ontime Sports: “Ihab Jalal came at a difficult time, and the public appreciates this matter, as well as the administration.”

He added, “Ceramica had stronger motives than the Ismaili players and won, and this is what Ihab Jalal warned against before the match.”

He continued: “Ihab Jalal told the Ismaili players whoever will fight and carry out the instructions will have a role with the team. On the contrary, any player who will not make the utmost effort to serve the team will be out of his calculations.”

He continued: “We have a second team of the injured and there are 9 different injuries among the team, and if a large team is absent, a player will be absent, the results of which will be affected.”

Regarding the team’s confrontation against Al-Masry, he pointed out that sympathy is between two cities only, and they differ after that on the field, and there is no sympathy in football.

He concluded his remarks: “The confrontation of the Egyptian and the Ismaili will be strong and fierce, and what will differentiate is the motives of the players.”


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