Israa Emad’s lawyer reveals the transfer of his client to a hospital: “You cannot breathe” (video and photos)


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The case of the young woman Israa Emad, who occupied public opinion, and was described as a new victim of violence against women by her husband, witnessed a new development during the past hours, after the Public Prosecution confronted the victim with the mother of her husband and his brother regarding their accusations of inciting the husband to commit the attack on his twenty-year-old wife.
After hours of continuous investigations, the prosecution ordered the release of the mother and brother of Israas husband, due to the lack of a corner for incitement.
The victim appeared, accompanied by her lawyer, Dr. Ahmed Mahran, in front of the First Montazah Prosecution office in Alexandria, after the investigations ended, and she appeared in a difficult health condition and was unable to move.
And “Mahran” said, in a video clip: “We got an answer from the prosecution, referring to Al-Miri General Hospital, to sign a medical examination on his client to determine her health condition and indicate whether or not she needs care.”
He added, “The prosecution confronted the victim and her sister with the statements of the husband, his brother and their mother, in which it was stated that the defendant’s defense of the crime was to preserve honor.”
The lawyer explained that this statement is not true, and he has no evidence except for the accused saying that he had learned that “Israa” had spoken by phone with his friend, indicating that the latter had contacted the victim for the purpose of reconciliation between the spouses, and that he was about to complete the legal procedures.
He concluded his remarks: “My client cannot breathe, we go to the hospital to undergo industrial examination and respiration,” calling on the prosecution to present it to the forensic medicine office to prepare the final medical report on Israas case and to adapt the incident in accordance with the circumstances of the case and the injuries of the victim.
The Public Prosecution Office had ordered the imprisonment of Israa Emad’s husband, for 4 days, pending investigations.
On March 26, she received a report from the victim of her husband’s assault on her, swearing and causing injuries to separate areas of her body with a penknife due to marital disputes between them, and the incident was circulated on social media and photos of the victim’s injuries were published, amid many calls for an investigation into the incident.
The Public Prosecution Office had received a medical report that the victim was severely injured in different places of her body, so she went to the hospital to ask her, and she testified that her husband assaulted her with a penknife due to their marital quarrels, then he carried her to a car and called his brother to summon him, so he came accompanied by another, and she heard their discussions and guidance Her husband’s brother blamed him for transgressing her and exceeding what they agreed upon, then they discussed how to get rid of her and escape from what he did, so her husband at the time promised her to continue the assault on her to terrorize her so that she would not report him, then he called his mother and she heard their conversations and her son’s incitement to throw the victim into the sea, so she begged him In return, he bargained with her for not reporting him, and for taking her to the hospital for her approval, and the victim confirmed in her testimony that her husband had attacked her at the instigation of his brother and his mother.
The police inquiries about the incident stated that the reporter’s husband had assaulted her with a penknife due to the differences between them. The Public Prosecution ordered him to be seized and brought, and by interrogating him, he denied the allegations that he had attempted to kill his wife, and he admitted that he assaulted her with a knife because of the differences between them, without intending to kill her.

The Public Prosecution ordered the defendant to be detained for four days in preventive detention pending investigations, and to seize and bring his brother and his mother for interrogation, and to seize the car in which the victim was taken to the hospital to be inspected, and to instruct the Public Administration to investigate criminal evidence, to lift whatever effects it may have, and it also summoned witnesses to the incident to hear their statements. The police were tasked with searching for surveillance machines in the location of the incident and examining them to show the extent of the crime being portrayed, and conducting investigations about the accused’s intent in attacking his wife and the role of his brother and mother in the incident. .

The incident of the assault on Israa Emad
The incident of the assault on Israa Emad
The incident of the assault on Israa Emad

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