Israel Celebrates an Egyptian Hero Who Saved a Jewish Family (Details)


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Today, Thursday, the Israeli Foreign Ministry celebrated an Egyptian hero who saved a Jewish family from the clutches of Nazism.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry published a new tweet to it on its official Twitter account, this evening, Thursday, in which it confirmed that its country celebrated the Egyptian hero, Dr. Muhammad Helmy, who saved a Jewish family from the clutches of the Nazis, when he hid them for the duration of the Holocaust.

The “Israel in Arabic” page, which speaks for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, stated that her country honored Muhammad Helmy for saving him Jews, thus becoming the first Arab to be honored with the title of “honorable among nations”, a title given to non-Jews who rescued Jews during World War II. .

In the same context, Israel commemorates, today, Thursday, the memory of the Holocaust at the hands of the Nazis, as well as those who died last year due to the Corona pandemic, as warning sirens sounded across the country, for two minutes, after pedestrians stopped walking and drivers stopped their cars in the streets and on highways. +

The story of Dr. Mohamed Helmy

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