It affects mental and nervous strength … a disease that is more dangerous than Corona threatening the world


A Spanish study revealed a dangerous disease pandemic ravaging the world after the end of the Corona epidemic, but it will be more deadly and a stepping stone to Covid-19.

Where the researchers of the study confirmed that the coming pandemic is more dangerous because it plays on mental strength, nervousness and mental health problems caused by the Corona virus, according to the Barcelona Institute for Global Health

As, “the Covid-19 pandemic has affected people’s mental health, as well as their personal goals, their families, their role at work and their economic stability.”

How did the Corona virus affect mental health

Other factors that have deepened this crisis include adjusting family roles, domestic violence, isolation, loneliness, grief due to loss of family or friends, general anxiety, occupational burnout, and post-traumatic stress.

The study also indicated that between 30 and 60 percent of Covid-19 patients suffer from the impact of their central and peripheral nervous system, which leads to various problems related to mental health.

Mental illness caused by the Corona virus

Delirium lethargy is the most frequent and severe neuropsychological syndrome that Covid-19 patients suffer, followed by depression and anxiety, while depression and fatigue are long-lasting disorders.

The Barcelona Institute for Global Health urged the development of social protection strategies to combat unexpected emerging problems of loved ones, loneliness and isolation, while ensuring the provision of basic services and financing social services to help families in need.


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