It drops 12 degrees … The observations announce when the heat wave will break


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Sunday 18 April 2021

Books – Muhammad Abdel Nasser:

Mahmoud Shaheen, Director of the Center for Analysis and Forecasts at the Meteorological Authority, said that the peak temperature rise will be today, Sunday, and tomorrow, Monday, so that the temperature will begin to gradually decline starting from Tuesday, and the most high temperature period is the afternoon period, which starts at From 12 until 3 in the afternoon, pointing out that the temperatures will exceed their normal levels during the day, but the weather conditions during the night period in most regions will be moderate.

He continued: “The difference between the maximum and minimum temperatures will be very large, ranging between 10 and 15 degrees.”

Shaheen stressed that starting from Tuesday, the heat wave will end, and temperatures will begin to decline. Where dips reach from 10 to 12 degrees, light rains that may reach thunderstorms are expected sometimes in parts of the south of the country, during Tuesday and Wednesday in some areas.

The Director of the Center for Analysis and Forecasts at the Meteorological Authority advised citizens to wear summer clothes during the day, with a commitment to wear autumn clothes when going out in the late nights and early hours of the morning.

The temperature ranges in Cairo on Sunday and Monday between 39 and 40 degrees, while on Tuesday it reaches 32 degrees, the northern coasts from 38 to 40 degrees and on Tuesday 24 degrees, while the southern regions temperature ranges from 40 to 41 degrees, and on Tuesday from 37 to 40. Degree.

Shaheen explained that the weather on Monday will also witness activity in the movement of winds laden with sand and dust in the regions of the north of the country and the northwestern coasts as well as the western desert, pointing out that the wind activity reduces the horizontal visibility of the desert roads.

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