It is all in the year .. 9 letters from the Minister of Education for high school students


12:12 PM

Monday 19 April 2021

Books – Ahmed Abdel Moneim:

Dr. Tariq Shawky, Minister of Education and Technical Education, sent a number of messages to students and parents on the occasion of the start of the general secondary exams, which came as follows:

1- This year, there are 6 secondary exams, “3 experimental and 3 real.”

2- “Anyone who enters the final exam that starts on July 4, no student will enter the committee, and he will only come out while he is an examined and takes his fair chance as his colleagues, regardless of the exam method, and you want people to be busy with the details and leave it to us.”

3- High school is represented by a bugaboo in Egypt, and we are trying to change this concept and we are walking along this path, at a time when all the countries of the world are studying in it stumbling.

4- Parents are completely reassured that any student inside a general secondary school, all that is required of him now attends and focuses on preparation and what preoccupies his mind, and we do not work this preoccupation on technical matters. A purely technical goal, of course, it is not all that we can say.

5- On the third day, we will turn off the servers and we will use the Viber in the school, and the one who does not have Viber in a school, and I don’t have a server on the third day, and the rest will go because we want to know how much the capacity of the fiber is enough or not, and this explains that we are trying to do what

6- This year will be the first time to make another opportunity to improve the total in August, and this year is witnessing 6 general secondary examinations, 3 of them are experimental and 3 are real, and this is a great effort made by the Ministry.

7- If only we share the living with his baker and the children attend and tickets the questions they are accustomed to and will see in May, and on the day they enter on July 4, the student will be examined in all possible forms, and this is the responsibility of the ministry for any student entering high school, so that we do all the experimental exams and in the aftermath we take the decision together.

8- The easiest need we do is go back to the old one time, and we do all of this in order for Egypt to be able to this technology and this need serves our children in high school and those who come and see them, and we must cooperate with some and we know that the attendance rate in the experimental exams was 97% and the numbers that we collect now we will announce it on Thursday With the utmost transparency, although it is very artistic, just to reassure people.

9- People are reassured that things will go well and all of them will bring the Sunnah well, God willing.

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