“It started two years ago” … 12 information about the “Future of Egypt” project for agricultural reclamation


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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi inspected, this morning, Tuesday, the agricultural harvest season of the project, the future of Egypt for agricultural reclamation in the Western Desert, which aims to achieve food security by providing basic agricultural crops at reasonable prices to Egyptian citizens, which is considered one of the most important development projects that are important to the state.

Al-Masry Al-Youm monitors the most important information about the Future of Egypt Project:

1. The Future of Egypt A project for reclamation of agricultural lands extending over an area of ​​500 thousand feddans.

2. The project is located along the Dabaa axis to the north, near Sphinx and Burj Al Arab airports, Dekheila and Alexandria ports.

3. The project represents a new step towards the achievements of the agricultural sector, which would contribute to achieving sustainable development.

4. The project aims to create new agricultural and urban communities characterized by new administrative systems.

5. The Future of Egypt project contributes to providing foreign currency, which supports the national economy of the country.

6. The future of Egypt bridges the gap in the local market between production and import.

7. The project provides many investment opportunities.

8. The project works in partnership with a number of major agricultural companies affiliated with the private sector.

9. The project provides citizens of all categories with thousands of direct job opportunities, in addition to providing hundreds of thousands of indirect job opportunities.

10. Work on the project began two years ago, but it was not officially announced, according to television statements by Na`im Meslehi, advisor to the Minister of Agriculture for land reclamation and horizontal expansion.

11. The project pays attention to the important strategic crops that could create a gap.

12. The project is also concerned with crops that can generate a surplus for export, such as sugar beet, wheat, potatoes, yellow corn and wheat.

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