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The governorates will start implementing the decision of Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi, Minister of Local Development, from tomorrow, Saturday, April 17th, the summer dates for closing and opening shops and restaurants, which is the date that has been changed, instead of what was stipulated in Ministerial Resolution No. 456 of 2020 regarding operating dates for public shops, which was stipulated The beginning of the implementation of the appointments at the end of April 2021, within the framework of the decisions of the Supreme Committee for the Management of the Coronavirus Crisis headed by the Prime Minister.

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawi, Minister of Local Development, confirmed, in previous statements, that there will be coordination between the Ministries of Local and Interior Development and the governorates to implement these new dates, especially in light of the state’s efforts to preserve the safety of citizens.

The new ministerial decision issued on the first of this April stipulates in its first article: As an exception to the provisions of Article 6 of the Supreme Committee for Public Shop Licenses Resolution No. 456 of 2020 AD, the summer dates for this year will start on Saturday, corresponding to 4/17/2021 AD.

As the text of the decision stipulated in Article Two: The opening times for shops and commercial malls, with the exception of restaurants, cafes and bazaars organized in Article 3 of this decision, shall be daily from seven in the morning, and it shall be closed at eleven in the evening in the summer, provided that the timing is increased on Thursday and Friday, and on days Holidays and official holidays for the state, to close at twelve midnight in the summer.

The third article of the Minister of Local Development’s decision stipulates: The opening times of restaurants and cafes, including those in commercial malls, shall be daily from five oclock in the morning, and closed at one oclock in the morning in the summer, with the continuation of the takeout service and home delivery service for restaurants and cafes 24 hours.

As stipulated in Article 4: The opening times for all workshops and handicrafts inside the residential blocks shall be daily from eight in the morning, and close at seven in the evening in the summer, except for the workshops on the roads and gas stations, as well as the workshops related to urgent services to the citizen and for which a decision is issued by the Supreme Committee for Licensing Public shops.

According to Article Five: grocery stores, supermarkets, bakeries, and ovens are excluded from the aforementioned dates, taking into account the times of night activities for some stores, such as fruit and vegetable stores, poultry shops, wholesale markets, and pharmacies.

The Minister of Local Development had instructed the governorates to implement all the conditions and instructions stipulated in the ministerial decision, especially the established attendance ratios, which guarantee public safety in restaurants, cafeterias and others in a way that achieves the security and safety of citizens, stressing that the state seeks from these dates to achieve street discipline, eliminate randomness and chaos and prevent Occupations, traffic congestion, and maintaining the public health of citizens and not disturbing.

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