Italian devises a plan to paralyze and distort his ex-fiancee


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Rome: The Italian police announced Wednesday that they thwarted a “terrible” plan after they arrested a man who wanted to paralyze his ex-fiancee and smear her with caustic acid at the hands of another man who had recruited him for this purpose via the dark web (Dark Web).

Police described this plan as a “contemporary suspense movie”, explaining that it was “the first time” that it had succeeded in thwarting a crime of this kind that was planned via the Internet.

The man, an IT expert in his forties working for a large company, was placed under house arrest and accused of attempting to inflict grievous bodily harm and harassment.

He planned the operation “in the smallest detail”, and was seeking to make his former fiancee paralyzed in a wheelchair, and he agreed to pay a “large sum” of cryptocurrency to the man who recruited him and paid him a financial advance for this purpose, according to the police.

According to court documents, the Italian press agency AGI stated that the paid man would have received an amount of approximately ten thousand euros. The plan was to throw caustic acid on the face of the former fiancee without touching the eyes, which would resemble a robbery, according to the same source.

The Italian police explained that they began an investigation into the matter in February, after they received a report via Interpol from police services in another European country whose members had monitored suspicious conversations on the dark internet.

In recent years, Italy has witnessed several highly publicized cases of violence against women, especially caustic acid attacks and murders committed by men against their current or former partners.

The National Institute of Statistics in Italy stated, based on the latest available figures, that out of 111 women who died in murders in 2019, 55 were killed by marriage or a partner, while 13 were killed by a previous partner.

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