Its owner is sinning by the number of times he watched .. “The Fatwa of Al-Azhar” on a “protected” video


11:32 PM

Wednesday 07 April 2021

Books – Mahmoud Mustafa:

Dr. Abbas Shoman, the former deputy of Al-Azhar and supervisor of the Fatwa Committee at Al-Azhar Mosque, said that activists on social media circulated a video of a controversial actor throwing dollars into the water, which is contrary to the provisions of our righteous law, because it is an abuse of grace and enters the circle of foolishness , Describing the owner of the video as the Pharaoh of the era.

Shoman added in statements to him, on Wednesday, that the video provokes the feelings of the poor who do not have the food of their day, and that those who do these actions know that the money in their hands is not theirs as a matter of fact until they do what they want with it, the owner is God, and it is in their hands As a way of Istikhlaf to spend it in its places and give it to the poor over the payment of their right from it, which is zakat, because he – Almighty – said (They believed in God and His Messenger and spent what made you subjugate it, so those who believed among you and spent them a great reward)

And the supervisor of the fatwa at Al-Azhar Mosque continued: “If the video is fabricated and is what I hope for, let its creator know that he has committed a legal ban. Recover from them. “

On Wednesday, the artist Mohamed Ramadan broadcast on his official Facebook page a video clip showing him throwing coins into the swimming pool, after he was sentenced to compensate pilot Ashraf Abu Al-Yasser with 6 million pounds.

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