Jordan is investigating the “Prince Hamzah conspiracy”: external parties are involved


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Many countries of the world expressed their solidarity with Jordan yesterday, after surprising news of the arrest of high-ranking personalities, against the background of talking about a “conspiracy” targeting internal stability, in which the Jordanian government said that external parties were involved in it..

The Jordanian army said that the half-brother of the Jordanian monarch and the former Crown Prince, Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein, was asked to halt movements and activities used to target “Jordan’s security and stability,” in a move that those familiar with the matter described as “may be related to a plot to destabilize the country.”».

The army stated, in a statement, that this took place within the framework of comprehensive security investigations, which resulted in the detention of a former minister, a member of the royal family, and others whose names have not been revealed..

Prince Hamzah said, in a video, that he is under house arrest, and that he was asked to stay at home and not contact anyone. In the video recorded by his lawyers, he confirmed to the BBC. B. C., that he was not part of any foreign conspiracy, and added: “What happened represents a very sad and unfortunate turn.».

The Jordanian Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi, confirmed the involvement of “foreign parties”, whom he did not name, in the conspiracy. He said, in a press conference, yesterday: “There is a link between Basem Awadallah and foreign parties.” He added: “Prince Hamzah did not respond to the request not to deal with activities affecting Jordan, and he communicated with community figures to incite them to activities threatening security. Prince Hamzah recorded two video clips in Arabic and English, in the context of incitement.».

“Safadi” explained that the movements that Jordan witnessed yesterday evening were controlled, “and besieged, and state agencies were able to destroy them in their infancy.”».

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Bahrain, Iraq, the Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Palestine, Morocco and Turkey confirmed their support for the Jordanian monarch. The US State Department said that King Abdullah II is a “major partner” and enjoys its full support.

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