Jordanian Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein says he is under house arrest


The Jordanian capital, Amman

Photo released, Getty Images

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Jordanian authorities deny imposing any restrictions on Prince Hamzah

The former crown prince of Jordan said he was placed under house arrest and his bodyguard was arrested.

In a video clip transmitted to the BBC by the lawyer of Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, half-brother of King Abdullah, the prince accused the country’s leaders of corruption and incompetence.

The Jordanian security services have arrested Al-Sharif Hassan bin Zaid, the former head of the royal court, Bassem Awadallah, in addition to others.

The Jordanian News Agency (Petra), quoting a security source, said that the arrests came for security reasons after close follow-up, indicating that “the investigation into the matter is still ongoing.”

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