Juventus raise the white flag on the European Super League


Juventus raise the white flag on the European Super League


The Italian club Juventus announced in an official statement, today, Wednesday, that the chances of continuing the “European Super League” project are very slim at the present time.

Juventus did not explicitly announce in his statement withdrawing from the new league, but he expressed the difficulty of completing the league project in the current circumstances.

“With reference to the press release published by Juventus Football Club on April 19, 2021, regarding the proposal to establish the Super League and the public debate that followed, we make it clear that we are aware of the requests and intentions expressed by some clubs to withdraw from this,” the “old lady” statement said. The project, despite not completing the necessary procedures stipulated in the agreement between the clubs. ”

The statement added: “In this context, while Juventus remains convinced of the sporting, commercial and legal validity of the project, it believes that there are limited opportunities at the present time to complete the project as originally envisioned.”

“Juventus remains committed to creating long-term value for the company and the entire football industry,” the statement concluded.

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Officially, Milan joins Inter and abandon the nascent project

Last Sunday, 12 major clubs in the “old continent” announced the launch of a new competition called the “European Super League” for football.

The 12 clubs represent three countries: from England 6 teams (Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur), from Spain 3 teams (Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico Madrid) and from Italy 3 teams (Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus) .

On Tuesday, the six English teams withdrew from the new announced league, less than 48 hours after announcing its establishment, following demonstrations and campaigns against the new championship launched by fans of English clubs, in addition to the rejection of the announcement of the tournament from the British government, the English Premier League and the League of Fans.

And joined the list of withdrawals today, Wednesday, Milan and its Italian neighbors Inter, and Atletico Madrid, Spain.

It is noteworthy that the football federations, the international “FIFA” and the European “UEFA”, announced their categorical rejection of this tournament, threatening the clubs with heavy penalties, as well as the possibility of depriving their players from participating with their national teams in international forums.

Source: juventus.com


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