Kadesh player acquitted of racist statements directed at Valencia defender


The Spanish Football League said it found no evidence that Valencia defender Mokhtar Diagaby had been racially abused by Cadiz defender Juan Cala.

“After analyzing the elements, we came to the conclusion that there is no evidence in any of the means available to the League that the player Juan Torres Ruiz (Juan Cala) insulted Mukhtar Diakabi, using terms that were denounced,” the association said in a statement on Friday.

Diakhaby said that he was subjected to racial abuse by Kalla after the confrontation between Valencia and Qadish last Sunday.

Diakhaby and his team-mates went off the field, but returned after being told they were going to lose a point. The match ended with a 2/1 victory for Cadiz.

The association stated that it had analyzed the available audio, visual and digital files, the sound of the match, and footage from the broadcast TV channels, as well as the photos that were published on social media.

The association also hired a company to do lip-reading and analyze player behavior.

The reports have already been shared with the two clubs and the relevant authorities.

Valencia responded by saying: “The fact that no proof has been found does not mean that the incident did not happen” and that the club “has in no way changed its mind about what happened in the match.”

However, the club highlighted in a statement that the league had “attempted to clarify what happened in Cadiz.”

The League reiterated in its statement that it “condemns racism in all its forms and maintains its permanent commitment to combating any kind of expression in this regard.”

Valencia stated that it was proud of Dihababy, the players and the coaching staff for the way they dealt with them after the incident and that the club “considers it positive that a dialogue has begun regarding the development of necessary protocols to combat racism in football.”


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