Kahraba is planning to leave Al-Ahly and return to his former team


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Despite the announcement Mahmoud Kahraba لاعب Ahly His official apology to Betsu Musimani, coach of Al-Ahly team, and his return to group training before traveling to Sudan in preparation for the Sudanese match between Mars in the match scheduled to bring them together in the fifth round of the first group of the African Champions League, after the end of the suspension period and his compliance with the financial penalty signed by the club management ..

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However, the player assigned his agent, Ahmed Yahya, to search for him an external offer during the coming period in order to move to him after the player made sure that the tension with the technical staff led by Musimani would not be reconciled, despite the decision of Sayed Abdel Hafeez, the football director, to pardon the player during the past hours.

Al-Masry Al-Youm learned from a source close to the player that Kahraba made a final decision to leave Al-Ahly after the end of the current season, in protest against the club’s management stance towards the financial penalty imposed on him by the International Federation and the Al-Ahly club’s refusal to bear it as well as not standing by him in his recent crisis. With the technical director “as far as he described” and easily agreeing to the technical director’s request to impose a huge financial penalty in addition to stopping official participation.

The source revealed, in exclusive statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm, that Mahmoud Kahraba had concluded an agreement with officials of the Saudi Al-Ittihad club to return to its ranks, which was greatly welcomed by the Saudi side, especially that the player presented a good level during the period he spent with him.

He added: Kahraba insists on leaving and does not welcome staying in the presence of the current technical staff and one of the personalities who handle media matters in the club after the player accused him of being the cause of the crisis and igniting it within the media and social media platforms.

Al-Ahly team is scheduled to meet Al-Merrikh of Sudan next Saturday.

The Tanzanian club, Simba, leads the group with 10 points, while Al-Ahly ranks second with 7 points, and the Vita Club is in third place with 4 points, while the Sudanese Al-Merrikh occupies the fourth place with one point.

Is seeking Al-Ahly of Egypt For the continuation of his strong performances and successive victories, the last of which was the victory in the last round against the Vita Club, with 3 goals scored by Magdy Qafsha, Mohamed Sharif and Taher Mohamed Taher.

Al-Ahly is scheduled to meet with Simba, Tanzania, at the end of its group matches on April 9, and needs a point at the very least to officially qualify for the quarter-finals, where a tie or victory over Sudan’s Al-Merrikh guarantees him qualification.

وتحدد Date of the match Al-Ahly and Al-Merrekh of Sudan At three in the afternoon next Saturday.

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