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Sad about the departure of Dr. Al-Ganzouri for personal and objective reasons. I knew the man after writing an article in “Al-Masry Al-Youm” in 2006, in which I criticized the Toshka project. He contacted me and discussed me gently and with scientific logic confirming that his enthusiasm for the project was not random, but rather reflected an integrated vision, regardless of Agreement and disagreement with her, and since then she has become a frequent visitor at his office in Nasr City throughout the period during which he was marginalized during Mubarak’s rule, and I met many respected statesmen, most of them “on a pension”, and approached the man on the human and intellectual levels, so he was a good listener and proud of himself. Without ego, and the owner saw and see.

After the January revolution, we met many times, until I was elected to parliament in 2011 for the constituency of Dokki, Agouza and Imbaba, and he was the first to congratulate, and at that time he had become the Prime Minister of Egypt, and here I discovered his exceptional capabilities in management and decision-making..

I presented to him a project to develop the last 14 vacant acres in the Ard al-Liwa area, which the people and youth of the region worked on with high professionalism, and we developed a public services project that includes two hospitals, a school complex, a police station, and a public park, designed by young engineers, and based on the idea of ​​partnership and breaking the “ghettos” between the neighborhoods of Egypt. And it was intended the engineers on the one hand and the land brigade on the other hand.

I remember that those who presented the technical details of this project, in a meeting with Dr. Al-Ganzouri, at the headquarters of the Council of Ministers, a recent graduate engineer, from the land of Major General, (Hana Gad), and presented it in a dazzling manner, won the great enthusiasm of the late, and did not deal with what I proposed underestimated as a young citizen At age, and outside the state apparatus, he kept asking me about her and the rest of the group until our last meetings.

The man allocated a plot of land for the public benefit, and he was one of the most enthusiastic about this partnership between the state and civil initiatives (he was absent in his absence), and we started the journey to search for the required funding, but unfortunately Dr. Kamal did not continue in the ministry, according to my brotherss decision. We succeeded in postponing it when they sought to withdraw confidence from his government. Through Parliament, and at the same time, some revolutionary teenage forces were screaming against the man they did not know.

Egypt missed a real opportunity for a man of his weight and value to leave a greater imprint in the political sphere, not just in the public and administrative sphere.

Dr. Kamal will remain a great value. I affected many, including myself, and I bear witness to his sincerity, integrity and true patriotism without slogans. Our consolation is that in the hands of God is the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful, the All-Knowing.

The last meeting was a year ago, and the last phone call was a month ago, and I offered to him to visit him at his home as long as he does not go to the office, but he said: “God willing, I will be fine and see you in the office.” But it is God’s will..

Oh God, have mercy on him and forgive him as much as I sincerely and give to this country.

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