Khaled al-Nabawi’s wife raises the public’s anxiety:


10:42 AM

Friday 09 April 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

Mona al-Maghribi, wife of artist Khaled al-Nabawi, sparked widespread controversy after she asked his fans to pray for him, noting that he suffers from a health problem without revealing other details.

“Mona” wrote, via “Facebook”: “Khaled Taban Awi .. Please invite him.”

Many of the Prophet’s fans interacted with his wife’s post, and many questioned the cause of his illness and its details, but it did not answer.

On the other hand, Khaled al-Nabawi caught the eye over the past few days, by starring in the documentary in which he appeared as part of the celebration of the mummies transport procession, known as “the civilization of Egypt.”


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