Khaled Al-Nabawy has recovered from Corona … and his wife: Praise be to God, he was discharged from the hospital


A whole week in which the star Khaled al-Nabawy occupied his fans and loved ones after being infected with the Corona virus, but the prophet with the morals of the knights fought his battle with the virus until he defeated it and returned again to his home safe and sound, as his wife Mona al-Maghribi announced his lips and left the hospital, and the wife of the Prophet wrote on her page On Facebook, “Thank God Khaled has been discharged from the hospital.”

The artist Khaled Al-Nabawy reassured his fans and loved ones about his health at the time he was in the isolation hospital, where he wrote that he was subject to the last period of health isolation, calling on God to be well cured, indicating that Corona disease is dangerous, and he congratulated the Egyptian people and the Arab and Islamic nation within the blessed month of Ramadan.

And the Prophet wrote, through his Twitter account: “Good evening to all dear loved ones, praise be to God at the end of the isolation period, God willing, get out of it well. Corona disease is dangerous, our Lord protects you from it and I wish a speedy recovery for all people, every year and you are good and Ramadan is generous.” You and Egypt and the entire Arab and Islamic nation. ”

The director, Amr Arafa, revealed the developments in the health of the artist Khaled Al-Nabawy before his recovery, through his official account on the “Twitter” website, where he wrote a blog in which he reassured his followers, confirming that he was the first person to call Khaled Al-Nabawy and reassure his health, saying: I heard his voice, I believed, because I know that he is in intensive care. He said: I am good, praise be to God, and you are the first one to speak.

Amr Arafa continued: “The joy didn’t suffer and I feared, I will be fine, and we will return to photograph. I told him it is not important for photography that is important to your health .. I am afraid of his work in the midst of his illness .. My love, Khaled.”

Khaled al-Nabawi
Khaled al-Nabawi



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