Khaled Eid: Contracts for “spinning Mahalla” are 17 million


The coach of Ghazl El Mahalla team, Khaled Eid, said that his club did not sign many players during the transfer period for the current season, but they rose up as good youngsters.

Eid added, during a telephone interview on the Ontime Sport satellite, yesterday evening, Tuesday: “I told the players who were with the team when they boarded that they would not leave and that I was confident of their abilities and their ability to make a name for them in the league and I used to excite them so that they would not be worried about the matches and informed them that the Al-Ahly and Zamalek players They were like them and then they moved to big clubs. ”

The technical director of the Ghazl El Mahalla team continued: “The team’s combined contracts are estimated at 17 million, and we paid only two players in deals, namely Islam Fouad. We paid for his club 400,000 pounds and goalkeeper Amr Shaaban paid to his club 300,000 pounds and we have contracts in the club amounting to 850 and 750 thousand pounds in season”.

Khaled Eid concluded his remarks by thanking the Minister of Business Sector Hisham Tawfiq for his support of the team, saying: “He supports the team and disburses rewards to the players and held a meeting with us during the suspension period and said that he is keen on stability and that the players will not leave and gave them hope that there is a company for the ball and that we can add other players.”

Ghazl El Mahalla club occupies tenth place in the league table with 23 points, collected from 17 rounds.


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