Khaled El-Ghandour: Sherif Ikrami is a clerk on his contract “Will you play mainly, even if you make a mistake?”


Media journalist Khaled Al-Ghandour revealed an exciting clause that Sherif Ikrami, the Pyramids goalkeeper, placed in his contract with Al-Samawi Club, and said “Bondoq” on his program “The Sweet Game” on On Sport FM Radio, “Sherif Ikrami along Trend for the relationship of kinship to Ramadan Sobhi,” And of course Ramadan walked from Al-Ahly and Al-Ahlya upset, but honestly, Sharif himself did not let people give a gift to him, every little bit they have a mistake that makes them warm to him more“.

Khaled Al-Ghandour added, “When Sherif Ikrami went to Pyramids, he put a clause in his contract that he would play basic even if he made a mistake in a match or played in a brutal way, and this was something that angered Mahdi Suleiman and revolted and left the text as we saw. On the other hand Ahmed El-Shenawy kept silent, although El-Shennawi is a great and international goalkeeper “.

On Al-Ahly, Khaled Al-Ghandour said, “Al-Merrikh is the weakest team in the Al-Ahly group, but made a very special match, but the character of the hero appeared in Sudan and Al-Ahly achieved an important draw in the last moments.”“.

Regarding Ferjani Sassi, Bondoq said, “People must know that Ferjani Sassi’s contract will expire in June, not the end of the season because of the league and its completion, and his contract expires next June.“.

Sherif Ikrami, the goalkeeper of Pyramids, sparked widespread controversy after the Pyramids and Moroccan Raja match in the Confederation, after it was a clear reason for the first defeat of Pyramids in the continental championship this season, especially that the team’s ambitions are to achieve better than they reached last year by reaching the final match and losing the title to Hand of the Moroccan volcano renaissance.

Ikrami leaves behind a state of controversy as much as his comic goals dwell, which seems easy to the guards not like a quarter of a chance to score, but with my bonus, even the semi-opportunities can become real goals that lead to victories behind the victories..

The first football team of Pyramids Club from Moroccos Raja lost 2-0 in the match that brought them together this evening, Sunday, at the Mohammed V Stadium in Casablanca, in the third round of the African Confederation Championship, and this defeat is the first for the heavenly team in its career in the Confederation this season.

With that result, Raja came to the top of the group with 9 points, Pyramids came second with 6 points, and we were the Zambian with 3 points in third place, and Namungo of Tanzania was at the back without points..


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