King Mohamed Mounir: The world will be dazzled by the parade of royal mummies


King Muhammad Munir said that he is proud to participate in the procession of transporting mummies with a new song, stressing that tomorrow the world will be in awe of this great procession.

And El-King continued, during a phone call to the “ninth” program, broadcast on the Egyptian TV channel Al-Oula, presented by the media, Dina Abdel Karim and the media, Hossam El-Din Hussein: “I have the honor and very proud to participate in the ceremony of transporting mummies with the song (I am Egyptian), and the ceremony deserves to stop traffic for the Pharaohs “.

Munir continued, “I participated in celebrations all over the world and was in a state of awe, but tomorrow’s party will be dazzled by the whole year in the way it will come out.”

He continued: “We need to feel proud and thank our political leadership and everyone who made an effort, and I say to people they love Egypt and love its leadership, because there is no hope for us but our heritage, which we praise in all the world,” adding that Egypt has a great position in all countries of the world and Egyptian obelisks are widespread In most capitals of the world.

And he continued: “We went through difficult circumstances last week, whether it was a train or ship accident, and all of them were difficult, but we went through them, and tomorrow it will compensate for all these sorrows.”


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