Know the fate of an unemployed person visiting health certificates in the Sahel region


The security force assigned to observe the security situation in the Sahel Police Department at the Cairo Security Directorate managed to arrest a person “with criminal information” and in possession of 23 health certificates attributed to a number of different “forged” health offices.

In confronting him, he admitted to falsifying seizures in partnership with a person who “works in a health office in Qalioubia” – procedures are being codified to control him, in order to promote them to their clients who want to obtain health certificates stating that they are free of diseases “contrary to the truth”, in return for receiving sums of money, and legal measures have been taken.

In the following lines, we list the punishment that the accused awaits:

The Penal Code No. 58 of 1937 in Chapter Sixteen of the same concerning forgery crimes stipulated the penalty for forgery in judgments or records, and the penalty differs if the crime is committed by a public employee, or if it is committed by a non-public employee. Article 211 of the law stipulates that every public office holder has committed fraud in judgments issued, reports, minutes, documents, records, notebooks, or other documents and papers, whether by placing forged signatures or seals, changing documents, seals, or Signatures, adding words, or placing forged names or pictures of other people shall be punished with temporary hard labor or imprisonment.

Article 212 stipulates: Any person who is not a public servant who commits fraud from what is indicated in the previous article shall be punished with temporary hard labor or imprisonment for a period of no more than ten years. Article 213 also stipulates that any employee of a public interest or court other than with the intent to forge the subject matter of the bonds or their conditions in the event of releasing them in the person concerned with his job, shall also be punished with temporary hard labor or imprisonment, every employee in a public interest or court shall be punished, whether that is by changing the declaration of the person concerned with which the purpose of issuing these bonds was to include it in it or by making it happen. Forged in the form of a true fact with knowledge of its forgery or of making it an unrecognized fact in the form of a recognized fact.

In the event that these forged papers are used, Article 214 stipulates: Whoever uses the forged papers mentioned in the previous three articles while knowing that they are forged, he shall be punished with temporary hard labor or imprisonment for a period of three to ten years.

Article 214 bis stipulated the crimes of forgery in the documents of companies, societies or unions, and the text came, every forgery or use that takes place in a document of a joint-stock company or a cooperative society or trade unions established in accordance with the legally established conditions or a legally recognized institution or association of public benefit. His penalty is imprisonment for a period not exceeding five years.

The penalty shall be imprisonment for a period not exceeding ten years if the forgery or use of a document is committed by one of the companies or societies stipulated in the previous paragraph or for any institution, organization, or other establishment if the state or a public body has a share in its money in any capacity whatsoever.


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