Lawyer for the daughter of Noha al-Amrousi submits a complaint to the Attorney General against the series “Peacock” due to the Vermont incident | news


Tariq Al-Awadi, the lawyer in the cassation and the higher administration, and the lawyer of Nazli Mustafa, the daughter of the artist Noha Al-Amrousi, revealed that he had submitted a complaint to the Attorney-General due to the exploitation of his client’s name by the producers of the series “Peacock” due to be shown in Ramadan 2021.

A lawyer for Noha al-Amrousi’s daughter wrote in a statement via his Facebook account: “To the Attorney General, the Supreme Council for Media, the Filmmakers Syndicate and the Acting Professions Syndicate … … the image of our client Nazli Mustafa Karim was used in the advertisement for this series, and the name of the Vermont case was used as cheap and legally proven propaganda for this series. ”

He continued: “Especially since the Public Prosecution has repeatedly warned against dealing with this case, as it is still in the investigation stage, and that would affect the investigations and their course … as our client Nazli Mustafa Karim is not the Vermont girl victim in the case … and hurts the insistence of his friends.” These pages are to proceed with that cheap propaganda at the expense of women’s bodies and a violation of their privacy and to publish private pictures without the consent of their owners, in clear violation of the constitution and the law. ”

He concluded: “Accordingly, our office announces that it will submit all communications and legal procedures to confront that matter … We also consider this statement as an official communication to the Public Prosecution, the Supreme Council of Media and the Syndicate of Film Professions … a center for support for the rule of law.”

It is noteworthy that the Peacock series, starring the star Jamal Suleiman, the lady of the Arab theater, Samiha Ayoub, Sahar Al-Sayegh, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Rania Mahmoud Yassin, Hala Fakher, Khaled Alish, Abed Anani, Heba Abdel Ghani, Maha Nassar, and the young artist Farah Al Zahid, scenario And the dialogue of Karim Al-Daleel, supervising the writing of the author Muhammad Nair, and directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz.

Tariq Al-Awadi, Nazli Mustafas lawyer, had stated that his client was just a witness in the case known in the media as the Vermont case 5 months ago, based on a summons from the Attorney General’s office, indicating that the prosecution applies the law and the spirit of law and applies justice in an impartial manner.

The lawyer for the daughter of Noha al-Amrousi added during a telephone conversation with the journalist Amr Adib on the “Al-Hekaya” program that when Nazli was summoned and gave her testimony in the case, only 2 of the defendants had been arrested, and there were 5 who managed to escape and 3 of them were arrested by Interpol. They were deported to Lebanon.

He indicated that the Vermont case related to another unrelated case, and other accusations were investigated apart from the main case, explaining that 90% of what was published on news websites or social media, with the exception of the Attorney General’s statements, are incorrect, for example Nazli was not transferred to Qanater Prison.

Nazli’s lawyer said, “There is a mental image formed in the community about” Nazli “because of what was published about her, but when I spoke to her, I found that the girl has an innocent form and subject, as there are periods of her life and inside confinement she was completely dropped from her life and she felt her need for a psychiatrist.”

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He continued, “We directed a request to the prosecution to present it to a psychologist, and she responded immediately, and it was presented to the health inspector and prepared a report that she needed a psychological counselor, and another request was submitted to authorize a psychiatrist to visit the accused. Indeed, the doctor Nabil Al-Qat sat with her and asked to sit with her again, and he obtained Second statement. ”

He pointed out that the report of the psychologist was a main reason for her release, as it contained serious results. For example, 20% of the cases that Nazi suffer from may commit suicide and a defense memorandum was submitted attached to a grievance that there is no need for her imprisonment or sufficient evidence of the accusation against her. And she was released pending investigations and does not mean a conviction or acquittal, as the case includes 16 accused.

He explained that the Vermont case includes two cases, one which is rape and the other for witnesses for drug use. The main Vermont case has more than one case of rape.

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