Lead it, God willing. Messages of support to goalkeeper Ali Lotfi before the 121st summit


Al-Ahly fans were keen to support Ali Lotfi, the goalkeeper of the red team, before the match against Zamalek on Sunday, after the absence of Al-Ahly captain Mohamed El-Shenawy was confirmed. Due to the conditions of infection with the Coronavirus, in order to motivate it and strengthen its strength to present a strong level at the top 121.

AndI directed Al-Ahly fans Letters of support to Ali Lotfi, through the means of communication, to confirm their confidence in him and his support, and that he will be responsible for compensating El-Shenawi’s absence in this match, and among the most prominent comments that came to support Lotfi: “Al-Ahly is the one who attended.”

Betso Mosimani, Al-Ahly’s coach, was keen to hold a session with Ali Lotfi, the goalkeeper of the red team, in order to motivate him and tighten his button, in preparation for leading Al-Ahly’s den in the summit match against Zamalek next Sunday, in the postponed match of the fourth round of the Egyptian Premier League. If confirmed, the absence of Muhammad Al-Shennawi from the summit.

AndMosimane desires In preparing Ali Lotfi psychologically and morally, in preparation for relying on him at the summit 121, in the event of Muhammad al-Shennawi leaving the technical accounts of Al-Ahly, if the result of the medical swab that the player underwent is positive.








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