Leaked video of the half-brother of the Jordanian monarch revealing that he is being held


11:42 PM

Saturday 03 April 2021


The former Jordanian crown prince, Prince Hamzah bin Al-Hussein, confirmed that he was placed under house arrest and that his private guards were arrested, pointing out that he had not committed any wrongdoing or participated in any plots against Jordan, against the background of the Jordanian Army Chief of Staff announcing that an action Investigations into former officials’ perpetration of activities targeting the kingdom’s security.

“I received a visit from the Chief of General Staff of the Jordanian Armed Forces this morning, in which he told me that I am not allowed to go out and communicate with people or meet them,” the Jordanian prince said, in a video that his lawyer transmitted to the BBC. I was present in it there was criticism of the government or the king. “

“I am not the person responsible for the collapse of governance, corruption and incompetence that has prevailed in our ruling structure for 15 to 20 years and is getting worse … I am not responsible for people’s lack of faith in their institutions, but they are the ones responsible,” he added.

“We have reached a point where no one can speak or express an opinion about anything without being intimidated, arrested, harassed and threatened,” he added.

Prince Hamzah denied “any wrongdoing” and said that he “was not a party to any conspiracy,” noting that he “is not a party to the accusations directed at targeting the kingdom’s security.”

He pointed to “the interruption of telephone and Internet services for him,” pointing out that “what he records is the last thing that people can see.”

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