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Director Mohamed Sami revealed the story of the series “Nassl Al-Ghurab”, to increase the enthusiasm of the audience before its showing in Ramadan 2021.

In a telephone interview with the “Nujoom Secrets” program, presented by Engy Ali on “Nujoom FM” radio and channel, he said that for the first time in his life he will tell the drama line of the series before it is shown.

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He said, “From very many years, one descended from the mountain,” Rajab al-Gharib, “an evil man who came to a country in Upper Egypt and said to its people, I want to live with you and me, the people of the village refused, so he killed them all, and he and his family lived in it.”

He continued: “Behind 4 men, there was a disagreement among them. One of the men is behind“ Assaf al-Gharib ”Ahmad al-Saqa, another one behind“ Forgiveness al-Gharib ”Amir Karara, the third brother behind Mai Omar and Edward Diab, and the fourth behind“ Mustafa ”Ahmed Abd God”.

Assaf al-Gharib
Forgiveness of the stranger

He continued: “20 years ago, there was a great quarrel.” Assaf al-Gharib, Ahmad al-Sakka cut off the offspring of “Forgiveness al-Gharib,” Prince Karara, who killed his sisters and all his loved ones, and “Forgiveness al-Gharib” killed the “Assaf” family, and “Ghufran” cleverly escaped from the ruling. He circumvented the law. As for Assaf, he was imprisoned for 20 years.

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He added, completing the story of the series “Assaf al-Gharib,” Ahmad al-Sakka, the love of his life, the daughter of his uncle, Jalila Mai Omar, he married her before his imprisonment and gave birth to her “Hamza”, while he was in prison “Forgiveness”, Amir Karara divorced her from him and married her and gave birth to her “Salim”, and when he learned Assaf, or Ahmad al-Sakka, with the order, sent his men and kidnapped “Ghufran ”’s mother and hid her in a place. He refused throughout his detention to meet him and told him that when he got out of prison, he would take his wife and son and tell him where is his mother.

Muhammad Sami explained that the first episode of the series begins with the exit of “Assaf al-Gharib” or Ahmed al-Sakka from prison, and that the basic idea of ​​the series is that every person in the series falls between two choices.

And the series “Naseel Al-Aghrab” written and directed by Mohamed Sami, produced by Synergy – Tamer Morsi, and starring Ahmed Al-Sakka and Amir Karara Mai Omar, Diab, Muhammad Jumaa, Firdaws Abdel Hamid, Edward, Naglaa Badr, Muhammad Alaa, Ahmed Malik, Ahmed Dash, Mohamed Mahran And Ahmed Fahim.

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