Legal advice if you intend to answer a used car, “so what is wrong with you?”


Many citizens resort to buying used cars as a result of the huge increase in car prices. The “seventh day” explains in the following points, the most important information that must be provided in the preliminary sales contract to buy a used car, and the most important legal advice that must be followed during the buying process.

1- That the preliminary contract includes the paid and remaining amount.

2- Writing the date and time of receiving the car on the back of the contract and the signature of each of the parties on this receipt.

3- It is preferable to photocopy the contract and each party to keep a copy.

4- A penalty clause can be placed in the contract that is the subject of the sale, in the event that the purchase process is canceled by the buyer at any time before the completion of the rest of the procedures. This condition may be, “either not recovering the pre-paid deposit, or paying a certain amount stipulated in the event of non-completion of the sale.”

5- The license is considered a document of ownership of the car when the license is in the name of the car owner and he is the seller, and in all cases the buyer must verify all the license data.

6- Matching the name of the seller to the name mentioned in the license in the case of (owner’s license).

7- Make sure of the car type – model year – color – “CC Motor” when reviewing the license.

8- If the license has expired, the buyer has the right to request a (data certificate) from the seller.

9 – The expired license has a grace period of one month only to reconcile conditions, and it is not preferred to carry passengers.

10- If there are agencies in the car, the buyer must make sure that the name in the license is identical to the first name in the first power of attorney.


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