Link to book tickets for the New Museum of Civilization, as well as discounts on tickets and copies


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The administration of the National Museum of Civilization announced that there will be discounts on tickets for the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat for a period of two weeks after the transfer of royal mummies today.

The prices of tickets for the National Museum of Civilization vary, which can be booked online for tickets to enter the new Egyptian Museum, and the prices vary as follows:

  • The foreign citizen is 200 pounds.
  • The foreign student 60 pounds.
  • Egyptian citizen 60 pounds.
  • The Egyptian student is 30 pounds.

Tickets to enter the New Egyptian Museum can be booked online by pressing Link to book tickets for the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization And through the official website of the Egyptian Museum of Civilization.

The National Museum garage prices also vary depending on the vehicle.

  • The angel car is 30 pounds.
  • The Coaster, 40 pounds.
  • Bus 50 pounds.

Dr. Khaled Al-Anani, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, said that the Civilization Museum in Fustat will be opened to the public as of April 4 after the arrival Procession of royal mummies Today, there will be a 50% reduction on ticket prices during the period from 4 to 17 April in order to promote the Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

For his part, Major General Hisham Shaarawi, Chairman of the Egyptian Treasures Model Company, confirmed that a 20% reduction will be granted on all the company’s products at its first outlet to be opened in the Museum of Egyptian Civilization today.

It shows a site The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization In Fustat, an overview of the new museum, its archaeological importance, and its uniqueness from museums in the other world, as it is considered one of the very few museums that display the manifestations of the ancient Egyptian civilization throughout the ages from prehistoric to modern times.

It shows a site New Civilization Museum The most important archaeological holdings displayed in the museum, which express the different eras of the history of Egypt and include all the details of the museum and clarify the objectives of establishing the museum and its mission to revive the heritage, and spread cultural and archaeological awareness among the different classes of society and the different Egyptian generations.

And was designed Royal Mummies Hall In the Museum of Egyptian Civilization, to be more like a cemetery, and some information about each mummy from Royal mummies, And CT scan data showing how each king and queen died.

And tells the central hall in The New Egyptian Museum The civilization of Egypt starting from 35 thousand years before history, through the Pharaonic and Greek eras, as well as the Roman, Coptic, Islamic and contemporary eras, and it includes about 1600 artifacts that will be received by the masses as of Sunday, April 4.

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A link to book tickets for the New Civilization Museum, as well as discounts on tickets and statues

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