LinkedIn develops voice communication technologies among its users


In light of the great competition that online communication applications are currently witnessing, LinkedIn has decided to develop its own technologies to provide voice communication features to its users as well, and according to the administrators of this network, the voice communication features will be different from those in other social networks.

According to “RT”, it will be linked to the professional identity of users, and will meet the needs of this category of users who have repeatedly demanded that these capabilities be provided to them in recent years.

The new experience will be embodied through special voice communication rooms, in which special icons for the speakers and for listeners will appear below them, and these rooms will provide users with the ability to exchange comments and special tools to join or leave them.

For her part, a spokeswoman for LinkedIn, Susie Owens, said: Its network is conducting tests to create an innovative voice experience linked to the professional identities of users, to provide voice communication services through groups or digital events, especially with the spread of the epidemic and the emergence of the need for remote communication between people.

“Our users come to LinkedIn to have respectful and constructive conversations with real people, and we focus on ensuring they have a safe environment to do so,” she added.


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