Live broadcast | Watch the Roma and Sassuolo match today in the Italian League


The Roma team will meet its counterpart Sassuolo this evening, Saturday 3 April, at the Mapei stadium, as part of the activities of the twenty-ninth week of the Italian Football League competition.

Followers of Kora 365 will be on a date with watching the live broadcast of the match between Roma and Sassuolo, which is scheduled to start today at 4:00 pm Mecca time, 3:00 pm Cairo time, and will be broadcast on the air exclusively on BN Sport HD5 with an audio performance by commentator Adel Khloo.

Roma are in sixth place on the ranking table with 50 points, they collected from 28 matches that won 15 games, 5 draws and 8 defeats, and this is a good number for the team, but it is not satisfactory because it wants to be among the adults.

The wolves of Rome are seeking victory today to progress gradually towards the golden square, as he aspires to break into it in order to book him the qualification card for the Champions League next season, so he will make every effort to snatch the full mark.

On the other hand, Sassuolo ranks eighth in the standings with 39 points, combining them from 10 games, 9 draws and 8 defeats, and this is an acceptable number for the team, but will try to advance more.

Sassuolo is looking for a position to qualify him for the European League next season, so he will fight fiercely today to win and move forward to achieve his ambitions and try not to leave the season empty-handed.


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