Liverpool clarifies at night its position on asking Salah to compete in the Olympiad


Matt McCann, head of Liverpool’s media center, said that his club’s management would not be in a hurry to respond to the Egyptian Football Association’s request regarding Mohamed Salah’s participation with the Olympic team in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics next summer.

The media official for Liverpool said in his statements to “Yalla Koura” this evening, Friday: “Our administration (the media department of the club) has not yet informed of the correspondence of the Football Association to request the participation of Salah in the Olympiad officially, but if the Egyptian Football Association announced this, then the address will certainly take place.”

Ahmed Mujahid, head of the temporary committee for managing the Football Association, stated that they have begun official correspondence with Liverpool in order to request the participation of Mohamed Salah with the Olympic team next summer.

And the media official of Liverpool, in response to whether there is a time frame for responding to the Football Association, continued: “Until now there is no specific time to respond to this matter .. but certainly there is no need to rush, and when the matter is studied and a decision is made, the Egyptian Football Association will be the first to know. “.

Football competitions will be held in the Tokyo Olympics from July 21 to August 7 of next summer, which will have an impact on the preparation period for the English Premier League clubs.

The Premier League starts next season 2021-2022 on August 14, one week after the Olympics.

Mohamed Salah has previous experience in the Olympics when he played with the Egyptian national team in London 2012, qualified with the team to the quarter-finals, and lost to Japan by three goals.

According to the regulations, Liverpool is not obligated to allow Mohamed Salah to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, as it is an occasion outside the international suspension period, and FIFA does not obligate clubs to join its players in the Olympic teams.


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