Lyrics of Mohamed Mounir’s song at the ceremony of transferring 22 royal Egyptian mummies, Madam


The artist participates Mohamed Mounir Today, with a song in the “Golden Journey” procession, the 22 royal Egyptian mummies were transported from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square to the Museum of Civilization in Fustat.

A procession of Egyptian mummies
Egyptian mummies procession includes 22 Egyptian kings

And the lyrics of the song say: I am the one whose life I am not tired of .. I am the one who in my time did not stand and not be shook .. I am the idea that has lived for years .. I am the subject .. I am the voice in the time of silence was heard.

The beginning of everything that exists .. years and the impossible exceeds .. a civilization whose age is extended .. its history is the age of the earth .. I am the sun that sold light .. and enlightened the way to the universe .. I am the Egypt of others .. the balance of this world is disturbed.

The letters of my name are in the first chapter .. in every book and every time .. I am all the branches and the origin .. and I have a trace everywhere .. I am the sun who sold light .. and enlightened the road to the earth. ”

Muhammad Munir confirmed during his phone call to the program “Greatness Ya Art”: I am proud that I participated in a great event, such as a procession of mummies transport. I lived my childhood among the ruins, and when I grew up I knew that I was raised raising my kings, and I am very happy with my nomination for this work.

He continued, saying: I am very happy with my participation in my throat in the procession early, and I do not want to pass through the great pharaohs, I am proud and all of my colleagues participating in the shows that we will see early, and proud that I will participate in my throat.

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