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Dealing with “Evergiven” delinquency is not only a freedom from delinquency, but it also requires freedom from stagnation. Our ignorance of this fact means more plunging into a useless coma. What, since delinquency and even flotation, are indications of the rigidity of media thought, despite revealing and suppressing. Initially, the spread of the news and its transmission in a manner suggestive of great importance took place through social media platforms and foreign media, and not through traditional Egyptian media (i.e. radio, television, websites and newspapers). It is true that our media reported the news, but the majority dealt with it as normal news, as if a train had broken down or a road was closed. The severity of delinquency and the disastrous commercial and economic effects and its implications for the arrival of vital goods and live animals in the east and west of the earth and the billions of daily losses incurred by major companies and the impact of stock markets and oil prices are matters that deserve a shed light on what happened in a manner different from the delay of the train heading to Aswan, for example. Animal rights organizations seized an opportunity to shed light on about 200,000 livestock on board the stranded ships, knowing that Egypt fed and sent veterinarians to ships carrying livestock to ensure their safety. Dozens of non-Egyptian press investigations were published and broadcast about the most prominent pending goods. IKEA stores, for example, noted the delay in the arrival of their goods to various places in the world due to delinquency, along with “Dickson” and huge quantities of masks and gloves that were on their way to the “National Health Care Service” in Britain and many others. This global interest and panic and the local apathy in dealing with delinquency, especially in its early days, drove many people into the arms of social media platforms, which we complain about the lack (or lack) of their credibility and their adaptation by many for well-known political purposes.

And we had to take the initiative the moment the delinquency occurred. Once again, this delinquency was the gift of heaven to us, and not the other way around, as some have imagined. Press conferences around the clock, news updates that contain substance and not gel, respectable infographics, round-the-second documentation of every large and small in the vicinity of “Evergiven”, social follow-up of the scenes of delinquency: How do the crews of stranded ships spend time? Where do they eat and sleep? Has the buying and selling movement revived in the nearby areas? The number of Egyptian workers involved in the flotation work? The Egyptian doctor, who lives in America, suggested a cartoon film about the delinquent, where ships move and speak, and the “Crane Al-Sogun Al-Kut” speaks with a child’s voice, with the creation of children’s games with the characters of ships and dredges that have names and qualities. Incidentally, «Google» yesterday celebrated the simultaneous liberation of the tanker by replacing the famous Easter egg when searching for the “Suez Canal” with an animated cartoon image above the search. We have a precious treasure and we want to put it in the drawer of Madame Afaf’s office on the fourth floor, under the beans sandwich.

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