Magat Hermes, in pictures of Sherihan and her daughter, catches the eye … Their price exceeds 4,000 pounds! | news


The artist, Sherihan, has published a set of photos that she collects with her daughter Lulwa in the garden of their home, photographed by Karim Nour.

Sherihan appeared with her daughter while they were in front of them, Magat Mugs designed by Hermes fashion house, and the price of the first horse print is 95 euros, equivalent to 1791 Egyptian pounds. Watch it from their selling site.

The price of the other Magi is 140 euros, equivalent to 2,639 Egyptian pounds, as it is designed to pay tribute to Hermes’ hometown, 24 Faubourg Saint-Honore, in Paris. It is a trip to the heart of store architecture, as each design reflects vivid color patterns and light on the floor of the iconic store.

Watch it from their selling site

Sherihan returned to her fans in Ramadan 2021 by presenting a propaganda advertisement for one of the major telecommunications companies, in which she appeared dancing with her show skills, revealing the extent of her determination and defiance of circumstances, the advertisement achieved the visual pleasure that we have become accustomed to with Sherihan over the years, and the reviews appeared impressive and caught the attention of the artist’s audience hungry to see her. .

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