Mahmoud Abdel Hakim: I signed for Al-Ahly in 2007


Mahmoud Abdel Hakim, the former Al-Masry and Petrojet player, revealed that he signed for Al-Ahly when he was a player in the petroleum team 14 years ago.

“I received a show from Al-Ahly in 2007 and there was still a season left in my contract with Petrojet,” Abdel-Hakim said, hosting the “ON SPOT” program on the “On Time Sports” channel.

He added, “I signed for Al-Ahly, but the deal was not completed, as I ended the Arsenal match in the last round of the league, and after that the officials took me to Petrojet to extend my contract with the team.”

Regarding the reason for not moving to Al-Ahly, Abdel Hakim affirmed: “I extended my contract with Petrojet after the officials convinced me that I would not get my chance at Al-Ahly.”

He continued: “Petrojet officials said that I have a great balance with the club, and frankly they did everything I could to maintain my services.”

The 42-year-old media player explained: “I did not think about missing the opportunity to join Al-Ahly, and I did not feel that because God honored me afterwards.”

Abdel Hakim added: “My colleague Hussein Ali moved to Al-Ahly at the time, but he did not play. This is a share and it belongs to the player himself. I know his character as he is one of the types of players who are impatient, which led to his lack of continuity with the team.”


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