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The credit is known only to the meritorious, and a kind gesture from President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to attribute the credit for establishing the Medicines City in Al-Khanka to Major General Dr. Salah El-Shazly.

President El-Sisi knows the credit, and the credit is attributed to his companions, and this is a generous ethic on the personal level, and a respected presidential tradition, which he added to the request to name a square or street in his name, and this is a deserved honor.

Al-Sisi preserves the patriotic favor, and returns the favor to his companions. Patriotic loyalty is not by passion, but by the greatness of sacrifices.

It is known, the names of the great leaders do not fall out of the memory of the homeland, and the presidency of the republic knows very well the meaning of loyalty, and the launch of the name of Major General Salah on a large field is proof of what we say.

The late Karim, son of Zawiyat al-Bakli in Menoufia, was a great leader. How many great leaders passed through here and left their fingerprints along the path of eternity, and their names immortalized. Motherland.

Al-Wafaa is a broad title for the Egyptian presidency, a message with knowledge of arrival, its summary: We know the value of men, and is the reward for goodness other than charity, and national charity, meaning serving the nation, that only those who are devoured by the love of the homeland are only able to do so, and these are a group of the first who fought all of Egypt’s wars, and a few others build The great edifice of Egypt … a hand that builds and a hand that raises weapons in the face of the enemies.

I will not go to history, and it is worthy of lesson, but what concerns us the present, who in his days carries a certain desire to restore respect to the fathers and leaders who gave this country its life and gave to its people, did not take over on the day of the crawl, and recorded bright lines in the book of Egyptian history, Dr. Salah entered the record The Egyptian military with lines of light, may God have mercy on him, if he were among us, he would have received the salute of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, the leaders around him standing, and the people of Egypt all look at them.

I will not tell you about the rehabilitation from within the camps, the divisions and battalions are called the names of the martyrs from the leaders, the officers and the ranks. Even a conscript soldier who struck, for example, in sacrifice and martyrdom is honored.

The nomenclature is governed by the law of loyalty. Al-Sisi charts a new path in loyalty. In the time of denial and denial, the meaning of loyalty and loyalty is absent from us.

The time has come, and if you go beyond the names of the great commanders, do not count them, the history of the Egyptian military is full of names, the luxurious military history book is full of great leaders, and thank God that he prepared for us a leader who knows the merit and is characterized by loyalty and who expresses the crown jewels in the Egyptian military, to choose a flower from a bouquet of flowers, that Standing on one of the great names, whichever you choose, you choose and you are assured that the choice will coincide with his family, and they are his family, eligible for every honor on a navy, weapon or military base, in the camps of the armed forces breezing the fragrant memory.

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