Malban with nuts – Mai Omar will make everything before Ramadan


Beirut – Thoraya Shaheen – Pages specialized in news of art and celebrities have circulated a bold and elegant image of Egyptian artist Mai Omar, through the photo and video exchange site, Instagram.

For this bold look, artist Mai Omar wore a bare chest and arms dress, with an attractive hairstyle cramped under her head lying on a green land, in addition to sunglasses that obscured the beauty of her charming eyes.

The Egyptian actress also appeared, at the height of happiness, and the smile was drawn on her lips and flushed cheeks while she was lying on the ground completely naked, which increased her beauty and excitement and prompted a number of followers to comment with flirting words and blatant harassment.

The pioneers of the photo and video sharing site, Instagram, recently shared five bold pictures of the artist Mai Omar, which provoked mixed reactions.

Mai Omar appeared, in the circulating photos, in a red dress, with an open chest, arms and parts of her breasts, in addition to her legs and thighs.

For her appearance, she adopted a hairdo that was knotted in the middle of her head, with locks hanging from her shoulder and neck from the back, and very light makeup.

Followers commented on these pictures, with phrases and words that varied between praise, admiration, flirtation, criticism and harassment, and what came in those comments: “Where is the bra? What are the girls who go crazy? Your husband Sami, why does her husband insult her naked like that all along ”.

Mohamed Yousif

Mohamed Yousif

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