March is the month of security vulnerabilities for “Apple” .. what is the danger of that?


And declared “CamelTuesday, the launch of the new update No. 14.4.2, to fill a serious security hole in the operating system, “iOS”.

The company explained that the security flaw allows hackers to spy on the user’s personal data via fake web content, thus violating its strict regulations to maintain the security of its devices.

And Apple indicated that it had been exploited The security vulnerability Indeed, stressing the need to install the new update urgently.

Specialized technical sites said that the American company was aware of the existence of a loophole that was being exploited by some to penetrate “iPhones” and “iPads” devices, but there were not many details about the size and scope of the breach.

Information security expert Walid Hajjaj says, “Finding flaws in operating systems is likely to happen, because electronic devices are man-made, and then it is natural for errors to be discovered, no matter how efficient their systems are.”

Hajjaj added to “Sky News Arabia”, that “Apple’s announcement of these gaps and the issuance of quick updates to fill them aims to remove anything that could threaten its reputation in the technology market, especially in light of its current conflict with Facebook over user privacy, as Apple is preparing.” To adopt a transparency tracking application, claiming to give customers more control and control over their personal data.

And he continues: “The speed of Apple’s response to threats enhances its credibility in the eye of the user, and more users gain it, and then achieve more and more profits, and this is its first goal in the case of all technology companies.”

Apple has always praised the security and privacy features and its relentless pursuit to protect users’ data, and the company was able to achieve a record number of phone users.IphoneWhich has risen to more than 1 billion users worldwide, according to a report published by analyst Neil Sipart.

Hajjaj explains Apple’s mechanism for detecting such vulnerabilities, saying: “Mostly they are discovered by the company’s information security experts, who periodically test iPhone systems to discover any potential vulnerabilities, and then prepare updates for them, but it is possible for the company to discover A vulnerability in its operating system after a breach of any user. “

This type of cyber attack relies on security flaws in the applications that are unknown to their developers.

Such vulnerabilities are called “Zero-day”, because their discoverer does not leave any day that passes without exploiting them in attacks, as if in a race against time, and if the vulnerability is discovered, the doors to the penetration are blocked.

Apple said at the time that the update sent to users in operating systems would fix the problem.

Hajjaj draws attention to the seriousness of these flaws on the user’s security, saying: “If the vulnerability is discovered by the weak-minded, it could cause serious harm to the user’s security and violate his privacy and personal data, and may cause him a scandal, especially public figures, celebrities and politicians.”

The information security expert gave an example of the vulnerability that was discovered in the FaceTime feature in iPhones last year, which enabled some users to spy on conference calls that take place using this service, and listen to their calls even if they initially refused to receive the call.


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