Marwan, Sharif and Ajay in the Al-Ahly attack against the Sudanese Al-Merrikh


Musimani, the coach of Al-Ahly, announced the formation of the team to face the Sudanese Al-Merrikh, which begins at 3 p.m. today, at the Blue Jawhara Stadium in the fifth round of the group stage of the African Champions League.

The team formation included:

Goalkeeper: Mohamed El Shennawy.

Defense line: Muhammad Hani, Badr Banoon, Yasser Ibrahim, Ayman Ashraf.

Midfielders: Omar Al-Sulaia, Diang, Mohamed Magdy Afsha.

Offensive line: Mohamed Sharif, Marawan Mohsen, Junior Ajay.

Al-Ahly had succeeded in achieving an important victory in the last round against Vita Club in Congo, with three clean goals.

Al-Ahly occupies second place in Group A with 7 points, collected from winning two matches against Al-Merrikh, Sudan, in Cairo, and Vita Club in Congo, and tied with Vita in Cairo, and suffered a lone loss from Simba in Tanzania.


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