Meat prices are rising 20 pounds per kilo with the approach of Ramadan


05:05 PM

Wednesday 07 April 2021

I wrote – Dina Khaled:

The prices of red meat in the markets increased at the beginning of this month by about 20 pounds per kilo, as the price of a kilogram of Canadian meat reached 160 pounds, according to what Haitham Abdel Basset, deputy head of the Qasabin Division in the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, told Masrawy.

Abdel Basset attributed this increase to the approaching month of Ramadan and the increase in demand for meat, in light of the increase in feed prices and the limited supply of livestock.

Abdel Basset added that a kilo of Canadian meat increased to between 140 and 160 pounds, compared to 120 and 140 pounds last month.

Abdel Basset indicated that the prices of luxury items start from 160 pounds to 180 pounds per kilo, depending on one region to another.

And the luxury pieces are the falto, entrecote and collata, according to Abdel Basset.

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